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~ 29/12/11

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-Originally posted at Revleft on 7th September 2011-

A post explaining the relationship between democracy and the working class. 

I don’t see where the supposed contradiction between democracy and the abolition of value comes from? Surely to abolish capitalism, the working class must constitute itself as a class for its own (something that transcends the mere interdependency relationship in regards to capital that Zanth was talking about, that is: to transcend its existance as a mere slave class), form itself into a potential ruling class and then take over political power by abolishing the capitalist political power (that is, its state) and putting its own political hegemony (its own “state”) in place.

Democracy plays a key part in this process as the struggle for democracy forms the class, is the engine for its self-emancipation as a collective and therefore of every individual.

After the political seizure of power indeed the main task is to overcome and abolish the law of value we inherited from the old economy. And while the main capitalists will have ceased to exist as a class, as the main means of production have been socialised, there will still be other classes: petit-bourgeoisie and middle strata which hold certain monopolies on skills and knowledge. These layers can only be assimilated into the working class part by part. Socialism, being the transition from the old society ruled by value to the new society ruled by planning of the free association of producers (that is, communism), is therefore still a class society, be it one that is dieing and where the class struggle is having a different character.

Democracy here too plays an integral part, for as long as class society exists, so too will the workers “state” and so too will democracy as a form of governing. Only when all classes have been absorbed into the working class and the working class therefore has negated itself, is there no longer any class hegemony and distinct political rule. All functions of the state have then collapsed within society itself and democracy has come to an end.

But I agree with Stammer that the battle for democracy in the here and now is indeed absolutely vital for the reasons I already mentioned.

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