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~ 21/12/11

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-Originally posted at Revleft on 25th May 2011-

Marxist unity (and, if they want to be involved, anarchists too) can only possibly happen, I think, on a common Marxist programme; a document spelling out the objective tasks of what is necessary to go from here to the seizure of power of the working class and the transformation of society towards communism after that. There needs to be an acceptance of such a programme, not necessarily an agreement, as such a programme needs to be debated and tested against living experience.

From such a programmatic approach does flow a minimum base of agreement though, a key set of principles without which you cannot work on the revolutionary project, or hold a pro-working class position even:
– The formation of the working class as its own self-aware collective entity, independent from the bosses and the state.
Radical democracy, both as our projected future society as well as a principle within our movement today. It is not wrong to disagree, in fact quite the opposite. Controverse needs to happen in order for the movement to develop and politicise society, so let it happen openly.
Internationalism as there can’t be a positive national solution to capitalism. In Europe we have to work towards a common party-movement across the EU.

Incidentally, I do think the “Marxists-Leninists” and derivatives are going to have an issue with all three positions. But if they’re willing to accept, I have no real issues being in one party with, for example, Maoists. As long as I have the right to openly disagree with whatever tactic, strategy or theory they have come up with, debate them on it and, tested against practical experiences, can win a majority in the party. Of course, they would have the same right to do so, as would anyone. This is what the workers movement is about: together forming our own collective politics.

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