Autor: Emil

~ 14/12/11

Today I’m introducing a new bit on my blog. So far my blog has been in Dutch exclusively. I’ve also had an English blog on the website. This went well until recently. Long story short, the website was down for 4 days and I’m not very certain how much longer it will remain up.

So, I’m transferring my blogs from Revleft to here. I won’t be doing this all at once, this would take a lot of time and would overwhelm you 🙂 Instead, I’ll probably do a blog or two a day. Since there are 15 blogposts on revleft, this will take a few days. In the mean time, you can get accustomed to my more theoretical considerations and positions. This is within a range of topics, but often within one underlying theme: Partyism, or the organisation of the working class as a class. Don’t worry if you don’t get it yet, I’m sure it will get clearer when my contributions are posted 🙂

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